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Travel Enhance

Prepare for your next vacation in the best way possible. Just in two live online sessions learn the most important aspects of the place you are traveling to. An short introduction to history and culture, the towns to visit, the food to try and of course - the wines to discover. Never miss local specialties and must dos ever again. Available in English and Lithuanian, for virtually any wine making country destinations.

A Simple Proposal

Europe is full of history and culture. To enjoy it then, there are two options: either You know it or You hire someone who knows it. We offer a middle way - instead of reading and googling through eternity about the Your vacation destinations or booking a tour guide on site (or worse - joining a guided tour group), Vinisteria will enhance Your travel with just two online Zoom sessions. The purpose is not to bother You with load of factoids but to create a useful context to enjoy Your vacation even more.


Register online, choose the destination country and/or region(s) and approximate travel date. Settle two dates for online sessions and join us via Zoom with a glass of wine at Your home comfort.  Every session is planned for about an hour plus Q&A afterwards. After the second session You will receive a PDF recap with the most important details which will serve You well during the travel.


All sessions are private and highly tailored to Your needs. Wine is far from being the sole theme of the program, however, as Vinisteria are wine services company, wine get's the main spotlight.

Part one is dedicated to brief introduction to country's and regions' history and cultural significance. Far from being dry, seminar is designed to emphasize the aspects of local culture that would greatly add to the experience once You're there.

Duration: 20min

Mesmerizing quaint little towns, beautiful cities with lovely nightlife cafes and bars, elegant chateux and parks - part three is all about what to see and do in the towns and cities. Sense of locality is the most important here, so we decidedly skip the obvious ones - the Eiffel's towers, the Milan duomos et cetera.

Duration: 20min

Part two changes focus from culture to nature. Depending on Your preferences, seminar can focus on different themes - hikes, water sports, beaches, natural wonders or our most popular - best of everything.

Duration: 20min

The most important part - Food & Wine. Local dishes, local produce, local specialties, local traditions, local everything. Where to eat and what no to miss. And of course - the wines of the region, winery visit recommendations and how to choose the right wines for Yourselves. You can be sure that this part will be comprehensive and enticing.

Duration: 1hour

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Price from

€80 for singles

€90 for couples

€120 for groups

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Two sessions Of 60mins Each

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Travel Enhanced!

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Reach out to us. Travel themes, destinations and private tours. Everything is possible.

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