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Our Proposition

Join our wine lovers club today and receive your first wine proposal. We offer our members exclusive wines that cannot be bought in any supermarket in the country (or indeed around the globe). 


There are two categories of wine in focus: superb value solid wines for pleasant consumption (Premier line) and exceptional long lived wines for your wine collection (Grand line).

Premier line wines are sold by cases of 6, that's why the prices are truly unmatched in the market.

Grand wines can go in different sizes and packages, it is indicated separetely each time.

To sign up click here.

Beyond Wine

For those who do enjoy a little or not so little wine selection at home or aspire to build it we offer full Vinisteria Prive Services - everything from consulting and advising to wine storage and cellar solutions and even wine accessories. Contact us and get full first consulting session for free, defining strategy and roadmap to your ultimate wine collection.

We are working with the best of the best, be it wine, be it equipment or accessories. EuroCave for storing wine, Chateau Lagouile for opening wine, Zalto for drinking it.

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