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Welcome to Vinisteria

Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilizedAndre Simon, French wine merchant, gourmet and wine writer (1877–1970)

Here at Vinisteria we believe that wine is for enjoyment and sharing experiences. It can be an object of study, an accompaniment to a meal, a topic for discussion or a source of fun. In the end it has to provide joy and satisfaction in whatever role it plays. For thousands of years, millions of people in different corners of the globe were and still are working to produce this elixir. To make it better, to transmit the history and tradition behind it, to captivate and surprise. And so we honour and appreciate these men and women who dedicate their efforts towards this noble cause. Moreover we hope to join this effort of bringing fun and joy to the tables of everyday, to the glasses of celebration, to the tastebuds of the curious. Our task in this endevour is to find, bring and promote the finest of the wines that are the prime examples of their terroir, winemaking tradition and artisanship. And to do it in such a way so it does not turn into a luxury buy or a frightful item on the menu. We welcome You to join our effort and bring the liquid sunshine of the distant lands to the glasses of the locals.

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Vinisteria Wine Academy

Starting With the Basics

Vinisteria can organize and teach short introductory wine courses to your customers, partners or yourselves. Aimed at the beginners, courses include various topics, from vine growing to wine making and the art of tasting. With practical tasting exercises of course!

Wine Tasting Events
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Private Wine Services

Exceptionally for You

Vinisteria Prive is dedicated to provide our private customers the best experience in all wine needs, from consulting, cellar solutions to premium wine supply. 


Delivering Value

Timely and effective logistics enable our company to buy, ship and deliver premium wines with no fuss. We focus on France, Italy and Spain mainly, but other countries and regions are possible.

Wine Deliveries
Wine Bottles


Choosing What's Right

Let us advise you how to choose and select the wines that fit you the best. We will ensure that wine selection won't become trial and error, but rather a guided and direct process.


Sharing the Know-How

Our experts can enhance your wine related business know-how and provide customized consultations on variety of topics from wine style trends to wine business standards and practices.

Barrel Stack

Staff Training

Making a Team

If your staff lacks that bit of an edge in making the customer feel assured when he or she is choosing a wine, please let us know and we will reveal all the secrets of trade on how to help customers make a right and satisfying decision.


Finding the Hidden

We never stop exploring, so we are always in the search of that another wine, that we dreamt of. Vinisteria agents have the experience, skills and a wide network of refferrences to utilise when looking for a certain wine. Give us your wine idea and sooner rather than later we will deliver it to your cellar.

Wine Barrels

About Us

It’s Great to Meet You

We are a wine distribution company based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We find, source and deliver wines from the Old World countries to our HORECA customers. We focus on top quality wines from renowned regions in Spain, France and Italy. The wines that we select are always of impeccable value - no overpriced brand wines, no cheap supermarket items.

At Vinisteria we provide staff training and consulting services for those who want to add more value to their customers. We also organize introductory wine courses and wine tasting events at venues of choice. 

We are ever expanding and always looking for new partners. Please contact us for more details.

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Vinisteria, LLC
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